8 Best Food Delivery Jobs + Apps For earning Money

Best Food Delivery Jobs

8 Best Food Delivery Jobs + Apps For earning Money

Freelance food delivery often come with surprisingly good earnings, and they have good scheduling flexibility. On this article are the best available options, with information on the requirements and earning potential.

If you’re seeking a part-time job that you can engage in during your own schedule, doing a freelance food delivery driver could be a great choice. The pay can be quite measurable (practically reaching about $15 to $20 per hour and some added tips), more often than not, you can work as long or as much as you want depending on your choosing.

With the of these apps below, you will pick up takeaway food from restaurants around you and deliver them to customers at their office or home, a park or sometimes other public space.

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While demand turns to be highest in major areas like Seattle, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles, lots of these apps below can work in small towns. In cases there is not as much demand as you desire from one app, bear in mind that you can logging in to two or more at the same time (as long as you can meet up with demand) to try and maximize your job earnings.

On this article we will look into the best food delivery apps and jobs, arranged according to demand, flexibility and earning potential. 

No.1. Instacart: is a service that delivers grocery. Those who work for the Instacart service have the choice to shop for the items on the customer’s shopping list and then make the delivery to those who needs them, or easily shop for the required items. This service is available in numerus cities within the U.S., as well as few Canadian cities.

Best for: Those who are in need of a gig economy job with a flexible schedule. Which is to say, Instacart driver and shopper can make their own time frame of work. Moreover, users that opt for the role to do only shopping, are required to schedule their shifts in advance.

Requirements: To work as an Instacart shopper you are required to…

  • Be not less than18 or 21-year-old (based on the state).
  • Have within your reach a reliable vehicle, if you are serving as both a delivery person and a shopper.
  • Qualify the background assessment.
  • Have an Android device running 5.0 preferably, newer version or an iPhone running at least iOS 9.
  • Be capable of lifting at least a 30 pounds load.

Deliver is done by: Motorcycle/bike or scooter, car.

How and when you get paid: The amount Instacart shoppers are paid are based on some few factors, including the total size of the grocery order, the effort applied in buying and delivering them, and the total driven distance. This platform will show the user an estimated payout for a particular delivery order. Also, shoppers get to keep 100% of any tips. Additionally, Instacart allows shoppers the choice to cash out anytime they want, creating a great option for its workers when they need money urgently.

No.2. Uber Eats

Uber Eats is a eatery food delivery app that gives independent drivers the opportunity to work on their own schedule and also paid the same day based on the agreement. With more than 100 million active customers each month, this app is among the largest on-demand food delivery platforms.

Best for: as far as we are concerned, Uber Eats is the best choice for most individual who want to engage in a food delivery job. Uber Eats has a huge customer base and is available in over 900 cities and towns, and it have some of the best available pay rates.

Requirements: Uber Eats drivers are required to…

  • Have a delivery automobile that meets the Uber Eats company requirements.
  • Be at least the minimum age required to drive in your respective city or area (to deliver by car); to deliver by bike or on foot you must be at least 18 years old, and to deliver by moped/scooter you must be at least 19 years old.
  • Provide a valid Social Security number for a record check.
  • Have car insurance with a valid insurance company.

Means of delivery: The use of Car, moped/scooter (50cc minimum), bike or foot. (Foot delivery is available in some few cities.)

How and when you get paid: Uber Eats partners are paid through direct deposit and can cash out via a linked debit card for not more than five times per day upon signing up for Instant Pay, making Uber Eats one of the best same day pay jobs for good pay

No.3. Shipt is a delivery platform that is not much different from Instacart. Being a Shipt shopper, your duty is to shop for groceries on demand, deliver them, or even do both. Grocery orders come via the app, and, as a registered worker, you can know how big the order is, the store where you will shop or do the pick-up from, and also the delivery location. Shipt service is available in over hundred cities throughout many states.

Best for: individuals who can handle multitasking, because the Shipt platform provides you to shop for multiple orders at a go.

Requirements: for you to work as a Shipt shopper, you are required to…

  • Be no less than 18-years-old.
  • Have a driver’s license that is valid.
  • Have valid automobile insurance.
  • Own a vehicle made no earlier than 1997.
  • Be capable to lift a load of weighing 40 pounds.
  • Pass the background assessment.

Deliver is done by: Automobiles, strictly.

How and when you get paid: Shipt shoppers are paid once in a week using the direct deposit, also, there’s an instant payout option available in case of a nominal fee. This service delivery platform is owned by Target, and it offers a competitive pay with an average rate of between $15 to $20 each hour. Additionally, the Shipt company says that shoppers who have completed not less than 100 deliveries can earn up to $24 for each delivery request.

No.4. DoorDash : This is an exclusively restaurant food delivery service platform. In similarity with the Uber Eats platform, customers aren’t limited to receiving deliveries at their offices or homes, since the service will deliver to other places like parks and athletic fields, when required. DoorDash functions in more than 7,000 cities in Canada, the United States and other countries.

Best for: DoorDash is different from Uber Eats (which allows you to work using your own schedule), DoorDash requires it drivers to make schedule shifts in advance, for up to six days, additionally they must to stay online for a specified period of time. Moreover, it works best for those who know their delivery schedules ahead of the time.

Requirements: DoorDash driver must meet up the following:

  • Must at least have an Android smartphone or an iPhone.
  • Be not less than 18-years-old.
  • Have at least 1 year of driving experience.
  • Have a delivery automobile that meets the DoorDash company requirements.
  • Poses a valid car insurance.
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Importantly, pass the background assessment.

Means of delivery: Car, scooter and motorcycle.

How and when you get paid: Every DoorDash driver will be able to see how much he/she will earn from a delivery before accepting it. Similarly with the Uber Eats platform, customers can tip using the app and Dashers keep exactly 100% of their tips in addition to their pay. Unlike Uber Eats, payment is done once a week through direct deposit, also, there’s an instant pay option available for a small fee.


No.5. GrubHub this is another restaurant delivery platform that operates like the DoorDash service platform. A few years ago GrubHub was merged with Seamless; since the Seamless company had a wider reach and grater name recognition, and ever since, GrubHub used the name in some particular cities and locations but these two services are virtually identical and are available in numerus cities.

Best for: Those who want to get engaged with a delivery job! GrubHub is among the best delivery platforms because of the grate volume of orders. GrubHub workers also make deliveries under the Seamless company name, so it’s more like working for 2 apps rather than GrubHub alone.

Requirements: To work under GrubHub as an independent contractor you are required to…

  • Have valid automobile insurance.
  • Be not less than 19-years-old.
  • Poses a valid driver’s license with not less than two years of driving experience.
  • Own an Android smartphone or an iPhone.
  • Pass the background assessment.

Deliver is done by: Motorcycle, car or bike.

How and when you get paid: for the GrubHub platform, delivery drivers engage in a commission per-delivery and a pre-set per-mile fee. Also, they get to keep 100% of their tips if offered. Payment is issued once every week through a direct deposit, nevertheless, there is also an immediate cash-out option, in case for a small pay.

No.6. Caviar : this platform is for restaurant food delivery job. This delivery company was recently acquired by the DoorDash company, so it continues to be seen if Caviar can remain in its current form or be absorbed by its current owner. Caviar service is currently available in about 20 cities, and is more popular particularly in the New York and San Francisco markets.

Best for: individuals who don’t like pay-surprises. Caviar platform shows the worker the exact pay for each delivery, as well as the locations for pickup and drop-off.

Requirements: In order to work as a Caviar courier you are required to…

  • Be not less than 18-years-old.
  • Have valid automobile insurance for your service car, etc.
  • Poses a valid driver’s license with not less than two years of driving experience.
  • Be capable to enroll via online and participate in the orientation session.
  • Pass a background assessment.

Deliver is done by: Motorcycle, scooter, bike or car.

How and when you get paid: As a functioning Caviar courier, your pay will be determined by the size, time and the distance of each order. Additionally, drivers get to keep 100% of their tips and are paid once every week through direct deposit.

No.7. Favor Delivery: this platform is owned by a delivery company which focuses on cooperating with local eatery and restaurants and as well other businesses within Texas. While this service is provided in select cities, it equally offers a competitive pay for interested individuals who happen to live in any of the dozens of communities under the reach of its services.

Best for: People in need of delivery app jobs within Texas, those who prefer to work for a small company instead of a mega corporation.

Requirements: In order to be a Favor Delivery driver, the individual have to…

  • Be at least 18-years of age.
  • Have a good driving history.
  • Have an Android device or an iPhone that can run the company’s app smoothly.
  • Poses a valid driver’s license.
  • Have valid insurance for his/her automobile.

Deliver is done by: Motorcycle, car or scooter.

How and when you get paid: Favor drivers are opportune to earn a portion of every particular delivery fee and 100% of any tip gotten from customers. Also, payments are issued automatically for five times each week.

No.8. Saucey: this is a service platform particularly for the delivery of snacks, alcohol and tobacco products. Fortunately, the Saucey service is available only in about four dozen large cities throughout the United States.

Best for: interested individuals in participating areas that are already filled up with drivers for other delivery jobs.

Requirements: as a Saucey drivers you must…

  • Be 21-years-old and above.
  • Have a good driving history with no DUIs for not less than five years.
  • Poses a valid driver’s license.
  • Have a valid automobile insurance.

Deliver is done by: Motorcycle, car or scooter.

How and when you get paid: Saucey workers earn a determined amount for every particular order and this amount varies by city, and 50 cents for each item in the order for delivery. In addition, drivers get to keep 100% of their tips. Also, the Saucey delivery application is not available all the time, therefore you may have to check back again and again if you would like to work for this particular delivery job.

Non-Food Delivery Apps Section

Fortunately, you can also earn good money through working for a non-food items service. On this side of the article are some few available options.

No.1. Dolly : this very one is a gig worker delivery service, it offers delivery, moving, and heavy lifting assistance to its customers. As a Dolly worker you can choose to function as “Helpers,” these are people who have a vehicle that can haul or move things/products and are capable to lift heavy objects, or function as “Hands,” these option perform the same work but without the use of a vehicle. The app is available in about three dozen cities.

Best for: Those who have enough strength for lifting and other needed functions required on the job. Those working under the Hands option or the Helpers option, both must be able to carry at least 75 pounds.

Requirements: Dolly Helpers and Hands are required to be…

  • Be at least 18-years-old and above (for Hands worker).
  • Be at least 21-years-old and above (for a Helper worker).
  • Helpers must have a box truck, cargo van, pickup truck or a vehicle with a trailer that is from the year 2000 or even more recent.
  • Have the capabilities to lift up to 75 pounds.

Delivery is done by: Vehicle with a trailer, cargo van, pickup truck or box truck.

How and when you get paid: Client post how much they are willing to pay for their job, and then, the Dolly workers can decide whether to accept or reject the particular job. The customer pays via the Dolly platform. And, weekly, after Dolly’s have taken their cut of about 15 to 20%, the funds are deposited into your PayPal account. Also, you keep get to keep 100% of your tips.

No.2. AmazonFlex :  Drivers on this platform deliver Amazon packages, Whole Foods grocery orders and Amazon Fresh orders. The very service is offered in more than 50 cities throughout the United States.

Best for: Those that have vehicles which do not conform to the ride-sharing service’s provider requirements (for example those with a cargo van).

Requirements: AmazonFlex drivers must have to…

  • Be not less than 21-years of age.
  • Poses a valid driver’s license and good driving record.
  • Have valid insurance for his/her automobile.
  • Own a capable vehicle.

Deliver is done by: Motorcars specifically (bikes are allowed in some few areas).

How and when you get paid: Amazon Flex earnings rate vary based on some number of factors, including the service delivery location, the particular demand, and whether or not the delivery has the eligibility for tipping. Yes, drivers get to keep 100% of any tip from customers. Payment rate is only twice each week through a direct deposit.

How To know Which Gig Worker Delivery App Is Best for You

Currently, there are so many delivery apps, and more of which you may not have even heard of, and are not included on this article. It can be a bit difficult trying to choose which platform will be the best match for you, by their requirements and pay time. The good news is that these are all jobs that requires no much experience, you only need to meet the specified requirements, hence, it’s not difficult to land any of these side hustle gigs.

These are some of the factors to put into consideration:

  • What is close to your reach? Do the city’s large grocery stores or best restaurants within your area?
  • The restaurant delivery service gigs are a great option for introverts since contact with the restaurant and customer are at the minimal.
  • Another good benefit to those who live within a college town where not everyone has an automobile or kitchen, a restaurant delivery services will keep you busy and is a good fit for you.
  • If you’re an individual who works a regular 9 to 5 job and has very little time during the work days, the best match for you might be shopping for groceries, since demand is high during weekends.
  • If you live very close to or in an urban area where many people don’t drive, the Dolly platform could be your best fit since a few residents have a truck to pick up the stuff which they buy on Craigslist and other websites.

FAQ for Food Delivery App Jobs

Here are responses to some of the very common questions about working with online food delivery companies. If you have any questions concerning a specific delivery platform, or delivery apps in general, let us know through the comment section; we’ll get the answers and include the information on this FAQ.

Can you make a good living being just a food delivery worker?

It’s practically possible to earn about $15 to $25 every hour as a courier. Whether that would do for a good living depends on your financial situation or needs. Notwithstanding, you should bear in mind that the demand for deliveries and the supply of couriers is not steady and is irregularly, which implies that your earnings can not be consistent.

In addition, these jobs can pay a solid per-hour rate for the work required, there’s not as much upside too — there’s no opportunity for promotion and your payment rat will not increase with time. Moreover, these gig jobs do not provide benefits.

Which food delivery app pays higher?

There is no direct answer to this particular question, since pay rates are based on factors like; demand for deliveries at a given time, the number of available couriers working in a particular area and, your location. Therefore, apps for food delivery service typically use a dynamic payout method in which requires you to make more per-delivery when demand is high and less when demand is not high.

With the above answer, our research purport that Uber Eats app offers one of the best overall pay rates — to a large extent because the platform encourages customers to tip their workers.

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Do the food delivery service company pay for your gas?

No they don’t, and it’s necessary to factor this when calculating your earnings rate. Being an independent contractor, you don’t work for the company directly and you are in that case responsible for all related expenses, and this includes fuel and insurance.

Final Thoughts on the Best Food Delivery Platform To Work For.

Some time back, to work as a food delivery driver usually meant applying for a part-time job to work as a regular employee in a particular restaurant. Your boss is the one that designs your work schedule, the hours were limited and the pay was not great.

Currently, there are not much different. If you have an automobile — whether it’s a car, a bicycle or an electric scooter— you can even earn extra money and make your own schedule working part-time or full-time as an independent worker.

Being able to work when you want is a major advantage of this type of job. While you could earn solid per-hour rates with the choices on this list, chances are your aim is not to make a career out of delivery service. Also, this is one of the major disadvantages of a delivery side gig: your schedule was at the mercy of the platform you work for.

Having this flexible schedule and as little or as much as you need, gives you the opportunity to boost your income, hence, generating extra money without endangering your other goals — whether that’s your family, your primary job, school or whatever else is important concerning your future goal.


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